"...you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

Acts 1:8

Calvary Missions Overview



One of the ministries of Calvary Baptist Church is missions.  Throughout the year the members and guests of Calvary Baptist Church strive to fulfill the Lord's command by initiating and participating in missions.  The objective of our participation is to obey God and actively share in His desire that all should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9).


Since  Calvary's inception in 1948, its mission fields have been its church family, the city and community, the state, and ultimately, the world.  Calvary participates in local missions benefitting the Women's Shelter, Men's Shelter, Soup Kitchen, Avenues for Women (through Baby Bottle Blessings), and the Ecumenical Food Drive (through the Frankfort Food Pantry).  Calvary tithes from its monthly plate offerings to benefit the Cooperative Program, the Resource Office for Social Ministries (ROSM), Sunrise Children's Homes, church missions, and a benevolent fund. Our Vacation Bible School (VBS) offering also goes to Sunrise Children's Homes.  We also participate in the Annie Armstrong Easter (North American) offering, Eliza Broadus (state) offering, and Lottie Moon (international) offering supported throughout the Southern Baptist Convention.  In an effort to serve our local community in 2014, we initiated "Operation Bless Frankfort" where we gather much needed items for our shut-ins, Bradford Square and Golden Living nursing home residents, as well as guests at both of the local shelters.

Duffle Bags/Backpacks for Foster Children

We are collecting duffle bags and backpacks for children in the Kentucky foster care system.  When children are removed from their homes, clothing and belongings are often placed in plastic garbage bags.  We want to give these children the dignity they deserve at a very traumatic time in their lives.  We want to show compassion, comfort, and hope to these children by giving them a duffle bag or backpack of their very own.  A designated box will be in the fellowship hall. 

Sponsoring Missionaries to Japan

Recently our church voted to sponsor two missionaries, Anthony and Katy Smith, for one year to help them spread the Gospel in Japan. Anthony and Katy are a young, energetic married couple from Lawrenceburg, KY with a calling from the Lord to reach the lost in one of the most spiritually poor countries in the world.

Some of you may remember Katy as she has grown up in Frankfort and has sung in Calvary's church choir for several Christmas programs.


"Reach The One"


We have begun an emphasis called "Reach The One".  Each person has been asked to actively witness to one person for Christ - that one person God has placed on his or her heart.  Please pray, witness, and invite that person to come and worship with us. Let us all "Reach the One"!  The only thing better than going to heaven ...is to take someone with you.


Calvary Missions in Action