Good Evening church family,


This evening March 15, 2020, the Church Counsel met, in a special called meeting, to discuss further actions concerning the next 2 weeks of services.


The counsel watched the KY Governor’s press conference live to make sure we had the latest recommendations and statistics. The feeling of the group was unanimous that we prolong our avoidance of gathering until the front edge of the virus threat has dissipated. To achieve this we decided to

  • Suspend our gatherings until April 2020.

    • This includes the Wednesday night service on March 18, 2020

    • The Card Ministry outreach on the same evening

    • The Sunday School meetings on Sunday the 22nd

    • The Sunday Morning services on the 22nd

    • The Women’s Bible Study class on the 22nd 

    • The regular scheduled Business Meeting on the 25th

    • Meet again on the 29th to reassess and make further decisions about our corporate gatherings

  • Have the church cleaned thoroughly, with disinfecting cleaning supplies, once more.

  • Close the entire campus for enough days to enable any virus that may be present to die without further spread. (Five days or more)

  • Allow those who wish to, and have the ability to, receive a live broadcast of the 22nd service via Face Book Live this coming Sunday.

    • This capability will be tested this coming week and any glitches worked out.

    • We apologize to those who do not have this capability presently and we are seeking an alternative to provide Bible teaching in another form as well.


Once more we ask you to understand our reasoning in this decision. Gathering in groups is a sure way to spread the virus. The communities we inhabit are somewhat panicky. The grocery stores are running low on essentials and price gouging is rampant. Untruths are being reported and spread with ease. We have learned that the virus is transmitted by water droplets that can remain vital for over 5 days on a metal surface and the symptoms of those infected may not show for up to 14 or so days. We are taking all the facts presented and realizing that we can do our part in suppression by simply not gathering together where those who are most susceptible may be infected by someone who has no idea they are in fact infected. Those cases that have resolved in an unfortunate manner have been primarily those who have underlying health issues that make their bodies have to battle on multiple fronts.


For those who are wondering about tithing to the ongoing ministries of the Body are asked to save those funds until we again regather for corporate worship once more. We also realize with so many jobs being affected by the crisis that there may be those who find themselves in need in one form or another. Please feel free to contact me pastor Rusty to see if there may be something that we as a church may be able to address.


God be with you and keep you according to His riches in Glory!


This is a perfect opportunity for our church to let the Light of Jesus shine through our reactions and actions.



Pastor Rusty


Calvary Baptist Church

Frankfort, KY